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CCTV Plumbing Inspections

Efficient, cost-effective drainage solutions with drainage and sewer line CCTV plumbing inspections

PPR Western Plumbing has closed circuit television camera equipment including push rod and tractors to offer a thorough inspection of your pipes and a thorough diagnosis of your plumbing problem.

We provide on-the-spot detailed condition reports of your storm water drains and sewer pipes to make sure you don’t pay for unnecessary and costly repairs.

Our CCTV inspections provide:

    • Visual evidence of pipe, junction and bend condition
    • Early warning of tree root invasion
    • Above ground location of underground broken pipe location (via sound locators)
    • Information for plumbing reports to enable the best drainage solutions for your budget
    • Diagnostic imagery prior to pipe lining
    • Pre-purchase inspection for new and existing homes

Please note all inspections can be recorded on a DVD or USB at the customer’s request. This is particularly useful for providing evidence of damage for an insurance claim or proving that drainage problems existed prior to purchasing your new property.